Kaitlin’s Mobility Foundation provides funds and resources for families with special needs children ages 18 and under, with a purpose to offset the cost of mobility equipment that is medically and/or conveniently necessary.  Funds are distributed on a non-discriminatory basis regardless of sex, race, religion, economic status, income level or family size.


It is recognized that mobility equipment designed specifically for disabled children is expensive, and individual families may not reasonably have available financial assistance from which to offset the tremendous cost of such equipment.  Therefore, Kaitlin’s Mobility Foundation is established to assist families through all phases of their child’s life in support of providing equipment that is beneficial and/or convenient to their quality of life.

Kaitlin’s Mobility Foundation was established in 1998 by the parents of Kaitlin Whitfield.  Financial hardships in securing funds to purchase necessary equipment was a driving force behind the establishment of the foundation. Through personal struggles, Kaitlin’s parents saw a missing link between families with special needs children and obtainable resources to help purchase much needed mobility equipment that is not covered by traditional health insurance. Also lacking was non-discriminatory assistance that did not that base eligibility requirements on yearly income or family size.  It is this foundation’s belief that regardless of income potential, pediatric mobility equipment can be outside a families range of affordability, and that there should be no disadvantage levied because of household income.  Furthermore, the freedom and right to enjoy vacations and other such family functions should not be hindered because of the added stress and cost of providing for a disadvantaged child.


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