Mobility equipment designed specifically for disabled children is expensive, and individual families may not reasonably have available financial assistance from which to offset the tremendous cost of such equipment. KMF can help:

•    Provide funds and resources for families with special needs children ages 18 and under
•    Offset the cost of mobility equipment that is medically and/or conveniently necessary.
•    Funds are be distributed on a non-discriminatory basis regardless of sex, race, religion, economic status, income level or family size.

Kaitlin's Mobility Foundation was formed to bridge the gap between families and available financial resources that do not otherwise exist for pediatric equipment designed for special needs kids.


KMF Board Members:


Doug Whitfield – President/Co-Founder
Carol Whitfield – Vice-President/Treasurer
Steve Griffin – Board Member
Mike McGhargue – Board Member

You can be a part of KMF by contributing financially, by helping out with fundraising, or by helping with a booth at functions throughout the community! 


Please consider what you could do this year for Kaitlin's Mobility Foundation so that we can meet more needs in Washington State and internationally. Thank you for your partnership with us!